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What happened to the Black people in Oakland? In a single generation, Oakland, CA's black population has dwindled from 44% to an estimated 26%.


YOU A NOMAD deconstructs this urban displacement through a unique cross-section of African-American voices: a real estate developer, a fair housing advocate, an urbanist, a real estate broker, and an incarcerated man. In 20 minutes, this film helps reveal the systemic roots of what we’ve come to know as #gentrification.


Now on Free Speech TV!


*Available for community & educational screenings.

FoundHer is a 5-part 360 VR Webseries capturing the drama of SF native & aspiring programmer, IMANI WILLIAMS, rewriting the code on what it takes to succeed in tech.


*In development. Test scenes available.

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Producer / Director / Editor

The Wanda Project is a Webseries featuring urban farmer and food justice activist, Wanda Stewart.


In each episode, Wanda is bringing #permaculture to the people by teaching us how to build sustainable food systems and resilient communities.


Through interviews with community leaders, and  practice segments, Wanda guides us on the importance of applying these principles to our lives, in order to build a racially diverse and socially equitable ecosystem.


*In development. Pilot available.



2017 STORI YA WENGI Environmental FF



When a distressed woman knocks at the door, a band of anarchists doesn't know what to do: To ignore her could alert the two totalitarian factions to their hideout. But to let her in presents its own dangers.


Let Her In is a short film that offers a glance into a dystopian future that could await us should political and technological power continue to consolidate.


*Spanish synopsis and subtitles available.

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An intimate portrait of soul-scat-slap-solo bass artist

Jill Avilez aka MIZZ ABSURD.


Includes interviews with Norwood Fisher of Fishbone,

and John Hatton of Brian Setzer Orchestra.